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My latest book review is STRXIA. The cover does not do this gem credit! I am going, to be honest. I could not put this little book down. And if you are a kid, or an adult who loves baseball I recommend reading STRXIA by Maggie Daniels & Matt Michel. And if you like math, you will surely get a kick out of this story. If you know any kid who does not like math get them to read it. I am sure it will get them to change their mind. This story is fun, exciting and will keep any middle school child interested.


The authors are both educated professionals: Maggie Daniels is a Professor for George Mason University at the College of Education and Human Development. She had over 100 publications under her belt.

Matt Michels is a Professional Engineer for Northrup Grumman Corporation. And there is no denying he must have coached baseball!


Don't let these high achiever scare you away thinking it will be all math and science in This book is middle-grade science fiction at its best: filled with action, adventure, mystery, suspense, and humor. The story is well-crafted and fast-paced, while the settings and characters are well-defined and incredibly, uproariously descriptive. There’s plenty for readers to root for and the book’s dual storyline will please fantasy fans as well as fans of sports stories.


At the heart of the story is the group of 10-year-old heroes, each one exciting and relatable with a compelling backstory and discernible personalities, strengths, and flaws. Each of these characters has their own “coming-of-age” moment which allows them to become valued members of the team.





SELLENIA: The Starship and the Citadel.


50 years ago, author Chuck Boeheim had a vision. His imagination took him to a mythical land. A place created by the author in his youthful mind. Sellenria’s begins as a typical science fiction saga withl sci-fi imagery and space-age novelties. Before you know it the story, switches gears and becomes a Game of Throne sci-fi adventure!
Having two sons, I was no stranger to Epic quests. They were raised on Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Witcher.
Boeheim created a pager turner that will keep readers wanting to read more. I am not one to give any spoilers, so I will not divulge any. All I will tell you is- I adored the characters. And the hidden message echos the world around us.
Any interstellar fan will including Star Trek, Ring Word and even Fantasy Epic will enjoy this tale by master story teller Chuck Boeheim.
Boeheim is up there with Clarke and Asimov!
I predict this Sellenia: The starship and the Citadel will be on the big screen or a netflicks series in the near future!